Prince Palace ( Round Hotel)

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Hotel Description

Prince palace hotel invites you to try out our wonderful facilities and services all aimed at making your stay pleasant, cozy and comfortable. We are located at 140 Isawo Street, Ikorodu, Lagos.

Our facilities include a bar, lounge, security, and air conditioned rooms.
Our well stocked bar boasts of a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. You are welcome to experience the comfort of our lounge, guests can relax, meditate or enjoy the scenery in our onsite lounge.

Safety of properties and live is assured on our premise, our onsite security sees to it that guests are safe for the duration of their stay.

To you our guest, we offer a variety of air conditioned rooms. You are welcome to choose from our single room or standard room depending on what you require.

At prince palace hotel, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. We are constantly improving our services so as to serve you better. Book with us today.

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This hotel has the following facilities:

amenties Bar/Lounge
amenties Security
amenties Air Condition

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reviewed 2014-12-30 04:37:55
They need to improve