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The Hotel

Citipark Luxury Hotel is an integral part of the Coal City Enugu, Capital of Enugu state of Nigeria. The hotel is situated in high brow Independence layout. The hotel is barely 15 kilometers from the Akanu Ibiam airport Enugu.

Coming in, your safety and security is assured as we have well trained in-house security operatives in conjunction with Nigerian police personnel providing 24 hours protection for our esteemed guests.

Our employees are trained to anticipate your needs and provide services that exceed your expectations. This is one of our deliverables at CITIPARK LUXURY HOTEL. Hence our employees are just at their best to give you the utmost memorable experience of hospitality.

Our twenty four (24) room CITIPARK LUXURY HOTEL consists of two (2) Executive Suites rooms, two (2) Executive plus rooms, eleven (11) Executive rooms and nine (9) standard rooms which are tastefully furnished and air-conditioned.

Each room has internet facility for our esteemed business travelers to be in touch with daily activities in their various offices while our leisure travelers visit their favorite websites while relaxing in the comfort of our CITIPARK LUXURY HOTEL rooms.

Our twelve (12) satellite TV channels are carefully selected and programmed for unlimited entertainment throughout your stay with us.


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